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Smart email client that solves a problem of an overwhelmed inbox.

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A Smart Inbox

It’s a smart, unified inbox which collects all the emails from all of your accounts and automatically categorizes them for easy processing.

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Automatic Categorization

LCD screens are uniquely modern in style, and the liquid crystals that make them work have allowed humanity to create slimmer, more portable technology than we’ve ever had access to before.


For Your Eyes Only

The sensitivity of liquid crystals to temperature can be an advantage, or a disadvantage.


This is the best iOS email app I’ve ever used. Buy it, buy it, buy it.

Joe Brooks

Creator of 43 Folders

Our Dream Team

Morris James


Jane Dow

UX Designer

Steve Bloom

Art Director

Clara Kent

CEO, Co-Founder

Antonio Soretti

Financial Director

Jim Kirk

Java Developer

Lea Organa


Susanna Davis

UI Designer